Monday, November 13, 2017

UPDATE: OAC - Import Essbase Cloud to OAC-BI Admin Tool

In my post OAC - Import Essbase Cloud to OAC-BI Admin Tool

I shared that the Essbase Database Type does not work for importing Essbase metadata and that you needed to use the Essbase 9 type the switch back to Essbase in order to pass the consistency check.

Well I opened an SR and was told that this fixed in the OAC 17.4.1 patch and related BI Admin Tool.  

So I have updated my Database Type in my Essbase Connection

And when I attempted to import metadata I still get the error.

Since i am in the test mode I figured I would see if the Essbase 11 database type worked.

 And... low and behold it does.

Now I no longer need to switch the Database Type to 9 then to each time I need to import metadata.  And I can leave the Database Type set to Essbase 11 and it will pass consistency check.

Until next time.

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