Thursday, December 10, 2015

Multi-Value Performance Tile

This post is a bit of a diversion from my working with Maps since it revolves around a requirement I had with a client.

We have all seen the Performance Tile.  It provides a quick instant view of key metrics.


We can use conditional formatting to indicate a change from target or values within a threshold.  The one limitation of a Performance Tile is that it holds 1 and only 1 value.

What if you wanted to show a tile with Current Value as well as Month Ago Value and Year Ago Value so that you could quick see how you are performing in context of time?

I had such a request from a client. And after some playing around I figured why try to do this with a Pivot or other visualization.  Why not use a couple of tiles in the compound view and when put on the Dashboard the tile looks whole and tells a better story than a single value.
 First I looked at the original Tile to get an idea about the size.
Then I adjust the size so that it is about 2/3 the original height

Next I modify my Analysis to bring in the other 2 values.

Then create 2 new tiles with the height 1/3 the original height.  The key to this working is also adjusting the font sizes and checking the option Do Not Autofit.

Finally I put it all together in my compound layout.


 Then on the Dashboard next to the original tile.

All it takes now is a bit of fine tuning.
Well that was fun, until next time.