Thursday, November 20, 2014

Software Used in Spatial

When I do webcasts and presentations on OBIEE and Spatial Analytics people often ask me, "What software do I need to make all this work?"

1) Oracle Database with either Locator Option or Spatial and Graph Option.  

OBIEE MapViews only work with an Oracle Database for the map metadata so you will need and Oracle Database.  All three versions will support basic map views for use within OBIEE
  • XE (Express Edition) - Locator
  • Standard Edition - Locator
  • Enterprise Edition - Locator and Spatial
More information can be found on the Oracle Spatial and Graph product page or the Oracle Spatial and Graph OTN Page.

2) Oracle MapBuilder
This Java application is used to create map themes and map styles.   In simple terms, themes can be then used to create Base Maps and then Tile Layers can be created from the Base Maps.  MapBuilder can also be used to upload Shapefiles into the Oracle Database.

3) Oracle MapViewer
This web service which is deployed in Weblogic with the OBIEE installation.  This service is used to project the map. In our case as a view within OBIEE where tabular data is "mashed" with spatial data.  MapViewer also manages the connectivity to the Oracle database and provides access to other map meta data management.  Map Editor is also launched from within MapViewer.

4) OBIEE Presentation Server (OBIPS)
Accessed via Administration link from within OBIEE web for user with BI Administrator role.  From the Administration page go to Map Data Management > Manage Map Data.  This will allow the Map Layers (Themes) and Background Maps (Tile Layers) to be linked to OBIEE Subject Areas and available for Map Views.

5) Oracle SQL Developer

  • SQL Developer 3.x supports a 3rd party plug-in GeoRaptor.  This plug-in allows for additional development tasks related to spatial data management.
  • SQL Developer 4.x does not support GeoRaptor. 

Both can be used to create Spatial Index and Update Spatial Metadata.

I will be writing on each of these in the weeks and months to come as I walk through the process of integrating Maps within OBIEE.