Friday, November 3, 2017

OAC - Service Console

I recently ran into an issue where in our OAC instance we move our DBaaS to a different cloud instance and thereby it was assigned a new IP address.  Unfortunately the RPD Connection Pool was not updated.  Our RPD has a number of Session Variables that when we attempted to sign on to our OAC instance all we saw was the following:

It took a while to figure out what was going on and it was only after I looked at the diagnostic logs for the BI Server that I found that my connection was blacklisted.


Now came the hard part.  How do I sign into OAC and access the Console interface where I can Replace the Data Model with a new RPD?

Fortunately there is an administration interface that can be accessed that does not link to BIServer.  This interface is the Business Intelligence Cloud Service - Service Console

This Service Console allowed me access to the Snapshots

Access to this Service Console is via the following URL:


With access to this screen I was able to replace the RPD with a corrected connection string and was able to successfully log in to my OAC instance.

Hopefully this URL will save many hours of frustration.