Friday, November 17, 2017

OAC - PBCS Connectivity

I am not one to re-post Oracle Documentation or Oracle Readme's and pretend to make it my own.  My intent for any of my blog posts is to extend the information provided or provide clarity.

The OAC 17.3.5 (August 2017) release extended connectivity to PBCS / EPBCS.

The configuration / setup instructions can be found here.  OAC PaaS Docs

If you need to see pictures of this process you can do internet search for other blog posts that another person produced.

I followed each of these and when I attempted to connect and import metadata I received the following:

the NQSAdminTool.log file was not too helpful

However, I got to thinking; for the connectivity to Essbase Cloud I needed to open up ports on my Cloud Compute.  I checked with my contact within my contact within Product Development and this was confirmed.

So after logging into myCloudService and switching to the Compute Console / Network

I created a new Security Application with connectivity on port 9506


Next, I created a Security Rule with the Destination ANALYTICS/instance/ora_bi_infraadmin

Then back to my OAC Client Admin tool.  I provided all the necessary connection information and Voila!  I am able to import my EPBCS cubes into my RPD.

 Until next time!


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  4. As per your comment here:

    "Next, I created a Security Rule with the Destination ANALYTICS/instance/ora_bi_infraadmin"

    This cannot be done, cant create an underlying security list with / in the name. Please could you explain further how you created this list?

    1. Ingore that, I cracked it, was performing in wrong site :s. Thanks for this, very useful article.