Wednesday, April 24, 2019

OAC systemsettings

As of the writing of this post many on Oracle Analytics Cloud will have been patch to the latest version.  My current Cloud Analytics Cloud BI Instance is:

Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build BIPS-20190315164310 64-bit)

With this update there are a host of new properties available in the Service Administration.

 If you have worked with Narrative View you know that you need to set a property to Allow HTML Content or you will get the following error when you attempt to save the view:

One thing I have found with each patch/upgrade is that settings within bipodadmin / Service Administration do not hold or carry forward. 

I had previously set the property to true:

Yet, now after the update I cannot add new Narrative Views. 

So back to Service Administration.

You can get there via the DV / Console or via URLs

Scrolling down I see the property set to true.

Double Click on true and change to false

Follow Restart instructions


Then repeat process changing false back to true

I will leave reviewing the additional properties available in the systemsettings for another post.


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