Thursday, October 25, 2018

How Can I Help?

I recently ran for the ODTUG Board of Directors.  There were 4 open positions and 9 candidates on the ballot.

This morning I received the call that I did not make the cut.  While this was disappointing to hear, I told Mike Riley, the ODTUG Secretary, that I will continue to look for other opportunities to volunteer and add value to the organization.

This evening while I have been catching up on a TV series that I have found interest in I heard the main character ask “How can I help?”

For those of you who watch network TV you will recognize this quote from the main character Max in “New Amsterdam”.

So, for my readers who belong to a professional organization or for that matter any organization; ask yourself…”How Can I Help?”

Most professional organizations run on volunteers.  If they are anything like the ones I belong to, IOUG and ODTUG, they are always asking for people to help.

So ask yourself…”How Can I Help?”

Do you have a couple hours a month to volunteer to be on a committee?   

Do you have an experience on recent project or implementation that you could share?  Write an article for the newsletter or conduct an educational webcast.  

 Better yet submit an abstract to speak at a conference...believe me once you have done it, public speaking is not that scary.

So, for all you professionals out there who want to grow in your profession ask yourself…”How Can I Help?”

Please consider volunteering within the professional organization you are a member of.

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