Friday, April 29, 2022

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 2: Create an OCI Storage Bucket

The RestAPI calls for creating an OACSnapshot requires an existing OCI Storage bucket for storing the snapshot.  The following are the steps I followed to create my storage bucket

From the Cloud Home page

  1. Click hamburger stack in upper left corner
  2. From menu select Storage
  3. Below Object Storage & Archive Storage select Buckets

  1. Change to desired Compartment
  2. Click Create Bucket

Click on bucket name

Click Copy to get OCID and paste to Notepad for later

Below Objects create a Folder in Storage Bucket

  1. Click More Actions
  2. Select Create New Folder

Provide a name for the folder and click Create at bottom of the screen

The new folder is now in the Objects


I now have an OCI Storage Bucket for my OAC Snapshots.

Reference Documents

Object Versioning

Managing Objects

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