Monday, May 23, 2022

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 3: Change Token Timeout for Analytics application

The Bear Token that gets generated for the Confidential Application that we created in Part 1: Create Confidential Application (IDCS) has a time out setting of 100 seconds.  This is fine for some simple actions but when working with Snapshots the sessions need to be open for a couple minutes.

The following are the steps I followed to increase the token timeout.
  1. Click  hamburger stack upper left corner 
  2. Click Oracle Cloud Services
  3. Click on Oracle Analytics instance ANALYTICSINST_<my_OAC_instance_ID>

  1. Go to Configuration tab
  2. Open Resources section
  3. Change Access Token Expiration to 600 (10 minutes)
  4. Click Save and acknowledge the change


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