Monday, May 23, 2022

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 4: Generate Bearer Token

In my first post in this series Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 1: Create Confidential Application (IDCS) I create the Confidential Application and collected the following:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Scope URL

In order to create a Bearer Token you need to make the following curl call


However if you see in the 3rd line the Client ID and Client Secret need to be Base64 encoded.

The Client ID and Client Secret need to be concatenated with a colon (:) between them and then Base64 encoded. A handy online website will do it for you. Just copy out the encoded string and use in next step

The following curl command gets a bearer token that needs to be used all subsequent curl calls for Oracle Analytics Snapshots

Replace the designated areas with your information.

Copy the newly formulated block and paste into Postman
  1. Click Import
  2. Click Raw Text
  3. Paste curl command
  4. Click Continue

On next screen click Import

Postman will bring your curl command into the interface.  You can review the various tabs.

Click Send.  If everything was done correctly you should get a return in the response section with a long string.  This is your bearer token that will be used for future calls.


Since I want to do my RestAPI calls via PowerShell script I will have Postman provide me the script.

Click the button </>

 From the drop-down select PowerShell – RestMethod, copy the code snippet to clipboard.

In PowerShell editor paste the clipboard.

You will need to add -uri to the sting as shown in line 9

Run the new block of code and you should get a long string response just like in Postman

Since I will be using Postman to build the test the other curl commands and convert them the curl to PowerShell, I will save the Get Bearer Token tab.

I will be needing a Bearer Token for almost all the RestAPI calls so I made a function that Base64 encodes the Client ID & Secret and then does the RestAPI Call for the Bearer Token so that I can reuse within other scripts.

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 3: Change Token Timeout for Analytics application

The Bear Token that gets generated for the Confidential Application that we created in Part 1: Create Confidential Application (IDCS) has a time out setting of 100 seconds.  This is fine for some simple actions but when working with Snapshots the sessions need to be open for a couple minutes.

The following are the steps I followed to increase the token timeout.
  1. Click  hamburger stack upper left corner 
  2. Click Oracle Cloud Services
  3. Click on Oracle Analytics instance ANALYTICSINST_<my_OAC_instance_ID>

  1. Go to Configuration tab
  2. Open Resources section
  3. Change Access Token Expiration to 600 (10 minutes)
  4. Click Save and acknowledge the change


Friday, April 29, 2022

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 2: Create an OCI Storage Bucket

The RestAPI calls for creating an OACSnapshot requires an existing OCI Storage bucket for storing the snapshot.  The following are the steps I followed to create my storage bucket

From the Cloud Home page

  1. Click hamburger stack in upper left corner
  2. From menu select Storage
  3. Below Object Storage & Archive Storage select Buckets

  1. Change to desired Compartment
  2. Click Create Bucket

Click on bucket name

Click Copy to get OCID and paste to Notepad for later

Below Objects create a Folder in Storage Bucket

  1. Click More Actions
  2. Select Create New Folder

Provide a name for the folder and click Create at bottom of the screen

The new folder is now in the Objects


I now have an OCI Storage Bucket for my OAC Snapshots.

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