Friday, April 8, 2022

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI - Part 1: Create Confidential Application (IDCS)

Oracle will be making RestAPI available for OAC Snapshot Creation.  There is some setup that needs to be done for that all to work.  The following are the steps I followed with screen captures to get my environment setup.

When the RestAPI is publicly available I will share some of the PowerShell Scripts snippets I created from the curl commands that are included as samples.

So as the title of the post indicates you need to create a Confidential Application and collect 3 items that will be used to create a Bearer Token for secured communication via the Rest call.

Note: These steps are for clients who have not had IDCS migrated to Identity and Access Management (IAM).  I will be creating a post for creating a Confidential Application in IAM.

Also note there are 2 types of Authorization Grant Types for the Confidential Application.  Resource Owner and JWT Assertion (Federated User).  This post covers Resource Owner Grant Type.

Let's get started...

Log into Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)

Go to Applications

  1. Click + Add
  2. Click Confidential Application

Give the Application a name and click Next 

Below Authorization Select Resource Owner for Allowed Grant Types

Scroll down to Token Issuance Policy under Resources click Add Scope button

In Select Scope window
  1. Find the ANALYTICSINST_<my_OAC_instance_ID> and place check 
  2. Click Add

In the return screen copy Scope URL to a notepad for later.

 Click Next through remaining tabs.

Copy Client ID and Client Secret to notepad for later.


Click Activate to make the Application available.

Click OK to confirm

So you should now have following:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Scope URL

In a future post I will cover the steps to create the Bearer Token

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