Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fun with Jython and FDMEE – Getting ResultSet Column Names

When working with the fdmAPI call the documentation indicates that return is a ResultSet.

But what is in the ResultSet?
Sometimes the documentation indicates the table that ResultSet is based on.

Well you can open your favorite SQL Tool and query the FDMEE repository tables if you know what to look for.
In the case of the getLocationDetails call; it queries from the TPOVPARTITION table.
But can you get that information without a SQL Tool?  How can you do it within Jython? 
After a bit of searching the Python/Jython coding sites I found a method on the ResultSet that provided the information I needed.  The method ResultSet.getMetaData() provides the structure to get information needed.  The .getMetaData() coupled with metadataCollection.getColumnCount() and metadataCollection.getColumnName(##).

So, after a bit of trial and error, I came up with the following.

This produces a list.
So having these column names and if you look back on my first post on Fun with FDMEE and Jython where I used the method ResultSet.getString("ColumnName"), I can get the value of any field of the ResultSet without using SQL Tool and I can get creative with my Custom Scripts.

Until Next time...Happy Coding!

Update 6/3/2016:
I just got to reading the FDMEE Admin Guide published April 2016 and noticed the nice little block of code at the end of the description for getLocationDetails(BigDecimal pPartitionKey) within the Using the JAVA API section. 



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  1. Awesome blog. Thank you for always documenting your research. Learning so much from it.