Saturday, January 23, 2016

OBIEE Repository Variable as Column Header

We had a client with a business requirement to produce a columnar dataset with the column headers of a table for the measure to display the value of an Essbase Substitution Variable which was being stored as a dynamic repository variable.  In a previous post I showed how I manage Essbase Substitution Variable in the repository.
I know I can use Presentation variables to change column headers, but my Essbase Substitution Variables are Repository Variables and that just doesn’t seem to work. 
Now the first thing one might ask is why not use a pivot with periods as columns.  Well like most clients there is a particular view they wanted and there were other columns needed that are not shown.

So after some noodling and playing around I came up with an option.  Use a Dashboard Prompt to set a Presentation Variable and use the Repository Variable to set the default value of the prompt.

I used the Presentation Variable to set the Custom Heading for the column. 

This little analysis was then embedded in a dashboard and working with Dashboard Properties add the dashboard prompt is hidden. 
The dashboard looks like this.  Notice that the 3rd column has the proper month name showing.
Thanks and until next time.

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